Top 5 Best Ergonomic Mouse For Large Hands To Buy

People who have large hands you have no need to be worried. We understand your concerns. That is why we did a vast research and compiled a detailed list of the top 5 best ergonomic mouse for large hands.

We are also including a buying guide, in which we are going to share some major points with you which you have to keep in mind before buying an ergonomic mouse for your large hand so you do not get confused or make any wrong choice.

In today’s era usage of computers has become essential. We use them almost in every office, house, and educational institute and for many recreational purposes. Computer is not only the name of a monitor or CPU. All parts of the computer play an equally important part.

Many parts like the keyboard and mouse came with the computer. But you can say that they are ordinary in use and quality. But according to today’s demands we need tools with new technology for great working results.

As we all know we have to use our hands to operate computers by using Mouse, but usually mouses which come with PCs are smaller in size and only with some basic features but if you have large hands you will not be able to do your work fastly and precisely.

If you have large hands then with a small size mouse performance of your work will be affected.

With the appropriate size of mouse for your large hand you can work for many hours without getting tired or having any fracture or pain in your hand. There are many ergonomic mousses available in the market,.

But apart from buying a large size mouse for your large hands there are also some features you have to look into. Design, size, features and specification of mouse play an vital role in performance of your working.

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1. J-Tech Endurance Digital Scroll Vertical Mouse With Ergonomic Design For Large Hands

J tech mouse has a most amazing ergonomic design for large hands which assures your hand placement in a natural position also this mouse is designed with a palm rest which can be removed, and helps you to prevent any wrist and hand pain while working.

Palm rest feature ensures that the mouse can place your entire hand on it easily. Which makes this vertical ergonomic mouse for large hand has #1 place in our list.

Usb receiver of the mouse has an extraordinary range of ten meters so you can freely move your hand and arm. It is designed with 3 DPI sensitivities in the range of 600,1000 and 1600, and a DPI button is constructed on the top of the mouse.

Furthermore, this mouse is constructed with 2 buttons on the thumb which can help you to have a forward and back navigation function. Unfortunately this mouse does not have any built-in battery, so you have to use AAA batteries to turn it on.


  • decent ergonomic designed mouse featured with a removable resting palm to decrease hand and wrist pain.
  • Thumb keys can be utilized for back and forward navigation for browsing.
  • Higher DPI optical sensor and 3 DPI setting.
  • The USB receiver is strong.


  • You are only able to use this mouse with AAA batteries.
  • It has a removable palm and it feels like it may not survive the heavy use.

2. Amazon Basic Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse For Large Hands with Fast Scrolling

This ergonomic mouse is a perfect fit for large hands. If you are a gamer then this mouse would be a blast for you. This mouse is built with an amazing back and forward thumb key fast scrolling feature along with a clickable wheel with the help of which you can easily navigate through your large files, web pages and games.

This mouse perfectly fits in your palm and you can do your  work and can play games for hours without getting tired. This ergonomic mouse is designed for right handed users.

Furthermore, amazon mouse allows you wireless connectivity of 2.4Ghz and you can also connect your mouse with deceive via a small USB router. You can connect this mouse with your device without blocking other ports of the computer.

This mouse does not have any built in batteries but you can easily power on your mouse with AA batteries, it is designed with LED light for batteries. Mouse also has a power on and off button and this feature helps you to save battery life for an extended long period.


  • It is a fast scrolling full size wireless mouse with a clickable wheel and back and forward thumb keys for easy and fast navigation.
  • Ergonomically designed mouse for right hand users, perfectly fits in hand palm.


  • Mouse is only compatible with a few devices.

3. Logitech M510 Ergonomic Wireless Side to Side Scrolling Mouse For Large Hands

Logitech M510 mouse is specifically designed for the people who have broad palms. This ergonomically designed mouse is constructed with a soft grip of rubber, to give comfort to your big, left and right hand.

With this mouse your hand can be placed in a natural comfort position. The most amazing feature of this mouse is that you can use this mouse with your left hand also. You can also connect this mouse with any gaming computer.

This mouse will fit in your large hands easily. You can use this mouse for 3D designing. Mouse is constructed with a forward and back key and you can do side to side scroll with zooming capacity more precisely and fastly.

The M510 mouse is a bit larger compared to other ergonomic mouse. Amazing feature this mouse has is while using it the noise of click latency is very low so you will not feel irritated. Also this mouse is not much pricey.


  • Decent in shape and style.
  • Have seven programmable keys.
  • A lot of customizable features.
  • Battery life is long lasting.
  • Advanced control of cursor.


  • Need more space on the table.
  • Not compatible with MAC devices.
  • Some users complain of faults in the scroll wheel.

4. Logitech G903 Left & Right Hand Design (Best Ergonomic Mouse For Large Hands)

This Logitech G903 is the best ergonomic mouse for large hands and whether you are a developer, gamer, or architect you can use this mouse with great comfort. People who have small hands might find it difficult to perform tasks comfortably with this mouse.

Some buttons will be out of reach due to small hands. It has a great ergonomic design and excellent build quality. This mouse allows you to do many adjustments as per your requirements. It has many customizable keys which you can install with a company’s software.

Which has no compatibility issue and is very versatile to use. With this mouse you can play games and do your work with great precision also this mouse offers a low click latency feature.

This is a wireless mouse, but it is not less than any wired mouse in functioning and technology. Though this mouse is designed for large hands still it is very light in weight and appreciated for its ergonomic design and highly adjustable features.

As other wireless mouse you need to charge this mouse every 2 to 3 days after constant use.


  • Ergonomic design for large hand gamers
  • Excellent build quality
  • Can be customized
  • Low click latency feature


  • Lack of dongle port for easy portability.
  • Cannot be connected via bluetooth.

5. Logitech M570 Trackball Mouse (Best Ergonomic Mouse for large hands)

As we all know, logitech is one of the best brands of mouse. This Logitech M570 has the best ergonomic and unique design for large hands. This is a trackball mouse which is specifically designed for large hands.

Trackball mouse are used to move and control the cursor. Shape of this Logitech mouse sculpted fits in your hand with a proper support to offer a rest position to arm.

This is a wireless mouse and you can connect this mouse with your computers through a USB receiver. Size of the USB receiver is very compact. If you do not have a lot of space at your desk then this Logitech mouse is recommended for you because you can control and navigate the pointer without moving your arm.

Moreover, Logitech mouse has many customizable key options which you can easily edit by connecting your deceive and installing software on connected devices.

This mouse also has two control features for web searching. You can easily switch with just a click of a button. This mouse provides a great comfort to your hand.

This mouse has a changeable battery with a long lasting battery timing of 18 months. Furthermore, the mouse also gives alerts when the battery is running low.


  • Can be compatible with Mac and Windows devices.
  • Can be connected with 6 devices at a time
  • Battery can be last for 18 months
  • Trackball cursor speed is adjustable
  • Shape of the mouse is comfortable and you have no need to move your mouse around


  • Designed with only 4 customizable keys
  • Only right handed people can use this
  • Left click button of mouse does not last for too long


Above we have reviewed and suggested you the top 5 best ergonomic mouse for large hands. But remember, size is not the only factor you have to keep in mind before buying a mouse for your large hand.

There are also some main features you have to look for in a best mouse. To ease your stress, below we are going to discuss the main point you should consider before buying a mouse.

Size Of Mouse

If you have a large hand and you want to buy a mouse which can get an appropriate fit in your hand, then you have to measure your hand with measuring tape. You have to measure your hand from the top tip of your middle finger to the end of the wrist.

If you do measurement of your hand properly you end up with a mouse which can fit in your large hand perfectly. And you can have a good grip and more comfort with accurate sizing of the mouse.

Weight of the mouse

While buying a mouse for large hands keep in mind the weight of the mouse. Because some brands manufactured mouse with quiet heavy material which will be difficult to use and your hand gets tired easily.

Lightweight and portable mouses are mostly recommended for large hands. The lighter the mouse better the movement of your hands would be.

Mouse Performance

Performance of the mouse depends on for which purpose you are going to buy a mouse. Some may be buying a mouse for working or some are specifically buying for playing games or others might need a mouse for both works.

If you want to buy a mouse for multi purpose then you would not feel stuck in a single feature. Though there are many features on which the performance of any mouse depends.

For example, programmable keys of mouse, DPI and sensor sensitivity, wireless mouse, connectivity, material and also on which type of surfaces mouse can work etc.

Thumb Rest Feature For Large Hands

You can have an option to choose ergonomic mouse in any style, whether it is in a slightly tapered angle or vertical style.The basic features you can find on any ergonomic mouse is the thumb rest.

Most of the large mouses are designed with thumb rest. Thumb rest feature offers a good support to your hand while working and ensures you to do more work without feeling any discomfort and pain.

Also ergonomic mouses are not much expensive which is the main reason you can invest in them for a long term use.

But mouses which are built for large hands are mostly designed for right handed users. Users who utilize their left hand might find it difficult to use a large mouse.

These users are forced to use the ordinary or ambidextrous mouses which lack the feature of thumb rest.

DPI Of Mouse

You can consider the DPI the most important feature of a mouse if you are buying it for large hands. Higher DPI for large hand mouses are best if you are using a high resolution computer monitor.

But if you are playing games on a lower resolution monitor than you do not need a high DPI level. Mostly 400-700 DPI level is suggested for ordinary work and 800-1000 DPI level for gaming experts.

Wireless And Wired Mouse

Both types of mouse have their own advantages, it all depends on the choice of users. Wired mouses are cheap in price and faster, and more preferred by daily computer users.

On the other hand people who travel alot like to use wireless mouses due to freedom in movement of hands.


Is the higher DPI at 1200 good for a mouse?

Having a higher DPI mouse means the highest sensitivity. Most gamers set the DPI of a mouse at 800 to 1200 for playing games fastly.

Is DPI at 1000 considered good for frames per second?

You can say that this rate of sensitivity is an accurate DPI for players which gives them accurate precision for playing games, especially for people who have large hands.

What is the right way to measure the size of the hand to choose the appropriate mouse?

You can easily measure the defined ad right size of the hand with the tape measure. You just have to take measurements from the wrist base to the top of the middle finger.
If the user’s hands are above 15cm then they need to utilize a large mouse.

Why should one consider buying an ergonomic mouse?

Because ergonomic mouse give relieves from arm and wrist pain. While using an ergonomic mouse your wrist is placed in a neutral posture and one can avoid muscular strain.

What are the benefits of having an ergonomic style mouse for large hands?

There are seven important advantages of buying the best ergonomic mouse for a large hand. Every one of them can greatly affect your gaming and working experience.
Ergonomic mouse reduce the chances of any arm strain, are appropriate for the user with arthritis, can help you to prevent the syndrome of carpal tunnel and you can easily program the buttons of the ergonomic mouse.

Can we say that a vertical mouse is best for large hands?

Vertical mouses are specifically designed in large designs. so, they can be greatly fixed and appropriate for users with large hands.
Though there are no limitations in using these but compared to females these mouses are mostly liked by males.
People who have short hands might find it difficult to use and cannot have access to all buttons of the mouse.

Are there any ergonomic mouses available in the market for large left-handed users also?

Ordinary or ambidextrous designed mouses are specifically designed for left-hand users. Thumb rest, side buttons, and total setup on the left side or in the center of the mouse.
Unfortunately, ergonomic mouse are mostly available for right-hand users.

Which mouse is better vertical wired or wireless?

You can choose according to your preference. If you do not want to be worried about battery supply then a wired mouse is best for you.
But if you do not want to create a mess of wire and you want to move your hand with freedom then a wireless mouse would be recommended for you because wired mouses came with short-length wires.


In our article we have discussed and reviewed the top 5 ergonomic mouse for large hands. All mouses have different features, DPI, sensor and output but one thing common in all mouse is their ergonomic design and large size.

If you have become tired of hurting your hands and wrist, now this is the time you can invest in something great to buy for your large hands with our list.

There are also many other options available in the market for large hand mouse but size is not only a fact you have to look into it is all about the comfort the mouse gives you while working or playing games.

These mouse came in different sizes and designs. There are also many other options available in the market which offer comfort and soft grip to the user with large hands.

But in our article we added the mouse which is top ranked and viewed by users. However there are some unique shaped mouses which are specifically designed to prevent you from fatigue and hand strain.

Also if you are a gamer then you need a mouse which will not affect your game productivity and experience. We have looked at the best ergonomic mouse for large hands.

The accentuation here is on the ergonomic trait of the mouse. An ergonomic mouse helps in easing any discomfort or agony that may emerge from delayed utilization of a mouse.

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People who have large hands you have no need to be worried. We understand your concerns. That is why we did a vast research and compiled a detailed list of the top 5 best ergonomic mouse for large hands.
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