In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 best gaming mouse under 75. The gaming mouse is the best weapon any gamer can have to play games with precision and quickly.

A gaming mouse is an important tool that allows gamers to play to their full potential. Professional gamers want a mouse which did not restrict them while playing games.

Gaming mice bring versatility to life and if you do not have a gaming mouse it would be a disadvantage for you. You can improve your setup of gaming with an ergonomic gaming mouse which is a good way to make sure that you are comfortable playing games for long sessions.

But it is not compulsory that the best gaming mouse comes with a heavy price tag. You can have the best gaming mouse even at a low price. Finding the best gaming mouse at a low price is not a difficult task now.

You can have a gaming mouse for just 75 or less. There are a lot of options available in the market for the top best gaming mouse under 75 but making a decision whether which mouse is best can be a daunting decision.

You do not have to be worried about what we are going to compile a list of the top 5 gaming mouse under 75 and share with you their pros and cons. Also, we are going to discuss with you which important factors you have to keep in mind before buying the best and long-lasting gaming mouse.

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1. CORSAIR HARPOON 6000 DPI Optical Sensor Lightweight Design RGB Gaming Mouse

If you are in search of the best mouse for gamers from a reputable manufacturer and you do not have much budget, then this Corsair Harpoon Wireless RGB mouse is the best option you can have for under 75 with all new features and a lot of functionality.

Corsair mouse is designed ergonomically with flawless wireless function, great software, and textured grip. You can have a sensor with high dpi, powerful RGB functioning lighting, a convenient button for the thumb, and 6 programmable switches.

You can adjust your dpi input speed as per your choice whether you want it high at 10000 dpi or low at 200. The Corsair mouse did not weigh much. It is very reasonable and easy to carry a mouse. You can say that this mouse looks simple to the eyes but it has amazing features and works for gamers.

This mouse costs much less compared to other wireless mice for gamers available on the market.

Another great feature Corsair Harpoon Wireless RGB mouse offers is the functionality of Bluetooth. If you don’t like to hook up the USB dongles then you can use this mouse comfortably and easily with smartphones, computers, tablets, and other gaming devices.

You can have up to 3 days of battery life almost when you turn off all lights of the mouse while using Bluetooth mode. Though this mouse has all the best features of listing in the top 5 best gaming mouse under 75 Corsair mouse can be last charged for a few days while playing heavy games.

And you can charge the mouse via a USB dongle.


  • The grip of the mouse is very comfortable.
  • At a reasonable price, the mouse has an excellent performance.
  • The best wireless and great responsive mouse for gamers.


  • People with small left hands feel uncomfortable while using this mouse.
  • Specifically designed for right-hand users.
  • The mouse is designed with unimportant lighting.

2. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor – Chroma RGB Lighting

The DeathAdder Razer gaming mouse brought the storm in the gaming industry and became the best gaming mouse quickly. DeathAdder mouse did not cost much but has all the features which a professional gamer wanted.

Though the Razer brand introduced many mice after this as well users still appreciate the amazing DeathAdder mouse. That is why the company introduced the DeathAdder Chroma mouse with some upgrades.

Almost all gamers know about RGB lighting but Razer has invented a new system: Chroma lighting which is controlled by the amazing 2.0 Razer Synapse. You can say that the Chroma lighting system is the best RGM implementation we can have.

This mouse is designed with an optical sensor that can deliver the 10000 dpi out. Also, you can control the Dpi of the mouse according to your choice whether you want to go high or low.

Razer DeathAdder comes with the mouse for left-handed people so lefties do not have to be worried. Choosing DeathAdder for your gaming mouse can be the best decision.


  • Very economical and gives you comfort while playing games.
  • High-quality 5g sensor and accurate switches.
  • Designed with a sensitivity toggle.
  • The cables of the mouse are flexible.
  • Great ergonomic construction.
  • Designed with gradient colors.


  • When you are using the mouse RB lighting of the mouse gets covered.
  • No upgrade compared to the last mouse of the same brand.
  • The Design of the mouse lacks built-in memory.

3. SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse – 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor

This amazing Sensei 310 mouse is well known as the best gaming mouse among all gamers. This wired mouse for gamers offers a lot of great features at a small price. Steelseries brands upgrade this mouse at a low price compared to their previous ones.

If we talked about the design of the mouse this mouse is very elegant and sleek. This mouse is good for l3ft handed people and very light in weight

This mouse just comes in 92 grams. Sensei 310 mouse is manufactured with silicon grip which gives you comfort while playing games. This mouse has 5 buttons and 2 buttons on each side. You can adjust the Dpi of the mouse with the button at the top center.

The mouse is designed with programmable thumb switches also which is a great aid for gamers. This microprocessor mouse allows you to easily customize buttons with built-in SteelSeries Engine 3 software.

Sensei 310 mouse comes with a 12000 dpi sensor which is great for gamers. But a drawback this mouse has is its build quality mouse is lightweight and small in size which makes it flimsy to touch.

But the price and dpi of the mouse make this mouse a good choice for gamers.


  • Highly customizable mouse.
  • You can use this mouse with and without wire. But when you connect your mouse with wire your mouse will start getting charged.
  • The mouse is ergonomically designed for both right and left-handed users.
  • A mouse is designed with a dual sensor which offers you great accuracy while playing games.
  • A mouse is designed with long-lasting battery life.
  • You can install 2.0 Razer Synapse software.


  • Expensive for a gaming mouse.
  • The mouse is quite complicated to operate.

4. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons

The G600 Logitech is an amazing wired mouse for professional gamers. This mouse is pretty famous for people who like to play league of legends type games. This mouse is designed with 12 buttons on the right side of the mouse, basic right and left mouse buttons, and 3 extra buttons on the top of the mouse.

This mouse has an amazing battery life and offers you to use your mouse for playing games for long hours. G600 mouse allows you to push the wheel of the mouse to the right and left for extra input pairs. You can easily customize the buttons of the mouse by using the included software of the mouse for great convenience.

If you want to play games quickly and without any trouble, this mouse offers you the mapping feature. The design of the mouse is very sleek and in black color. The side buttons of the mouse have customizable color LED backlighting.

You can easily use and hold this mouse for long hours. But there is a drawback for left-hand users because all buttons are designed on the right side of the mouse. With all these amazing features this mouse is quite heavy in size and if you have small hands you will definitely feel uncomfortable while using it.

Despite this fact, Logitech is the best mouse you can have for playing games with a lot of customizable buttons.


  • The mouse is designed with a large array of numbers for gamers’ convenience.
  • Designed with LED backlighting and easy mapping features.
  • Comfortable to use and offers great battery life.
  • You can easily customize a mouse for games with software.


  • The mouse is heavy and a few buttons are a bit hard to approach.
  • Expensive mouse.
  • The grip of the mouse is less ergonomic compared to another mouse.

5. Razer Basilisk Essential Gaming Mouse: 6400 DPI Optical Sensor – Chroma RGB Lighting

Razer Essential Basilisk is a much more affordable version of the wired Razer Basilisk mouse for gamers. This is the upgraded version of the original Basilisk and the best mouse for playing games. You can have this high-end mouse at a low price with all the features of the experience mouse available on the market.

The Design of the Basilisk mouse is very elegant, and simple. The mouse is just 95 grams in weight. You can comfortably use and hold a mouse but this mouse is designed only for right-handed people. Basilisk mouse is designed with 2 main and 3 additional switches also with a DPI switch.

You can easily customize and set the DPI of the mouse. Can also fit your mouse with an additional paddle which you can map according to your preferences. You can remove your paddle when you get irritated.

The only drawback is that you can feel that after some time you use the body of the mouse scratches which defect the sleek design of the mouse.

But the performance of the mouse is 6400 Dpi which is reduced compared to the original Basilisk which has 16000 Dpi. Hut this mouse is designed with an amazing 5G sensor. So you will find this amazing Basilisk mouse accurate and comfortable to use while playing games.

The Dip toggle of this mouse is a plus point for some games. Basilisk is the best option for gaming mice with which you will feel like professional gamers without investing a lot of money.


  • The mouse is designed with an amazing sensor that offers you to have the top DPI line and helps you to easily use gliding.
  • The mouse comes with customizable buttons that let you program the mouse as per your choice by using CUE.
  • RGB light of the mouse can be adjusted with the utility engine.
  • Not much expensive and offers you the best feature at less price.


  • The design of the mouse may irritate some users.


Above we have reviewed the top 5 best gaming mouse under 75. There are many options available in the market for a gaming mouse. Some brands are new and some brands are introduced in the market every other day.

So when there are many options out there available in the market it might become difficult to choose which is the best mouse for gaming. For your ease below we are going to share some features you should look for in any gaming mouse.


This feature is used to check the sensitivity of the gaming mouse. The highest dpi means the mouse offers more sensitivity.

Many gaming mice have 10000 which is too fast for any eye to track it. Most players only like the mouse around 1600 to 2000DPI for playing normal games like FPS.

We will recommend not to go for a mouse with a lower DPI because you will not enjoy it as much as you will do with a higher DPI speed mouse.


This is known as counts per inch, another feature to check the sensitivity of the mouse. This feature is mostly used in SteelSeries although, cpi is much the same as dpi.


A button with which you can change the dpi speed of the mouse. This feature helps the players with lower DPI mous3 to track accurate shooting while playing.

Some mice have a built-in sniper button while some allow you to install this feature onto the side buttons of the mouse.


Almost every mouse has 3 different grips: claw, palm, and fingertip grip, and players like them according to their preference. The grip of the mouse is a very important feature to consider for players because if they do not feel comfortable holding the mouse their gaming efficiency will be affected.

The right grip on the mouse can guarantee you can better use it while playing games.

  • Claw grip: Offers you to hold the mouse with a claw and your palm rests. Your fingers are set on the end of the mouse, twisted in the curve to prepare you to play the game precisely.
  • Palm Grip: In a palm grip mouse you can gently operate the mouse for playing games by placing your entire palm on the mouse.
  • Fingertip grip: You can easily use your mouse by only using the fingertips without moving your entire hand while playing games.


If you like to play fast-action and multiplayer games, the polling rate is the most important thing you have to look for. With the polling rate, you will know the cursor position in the game. Latency and lag depend on the polling rate.

Mouse with a polling rate of 250Hz updates your position in the game 250 times in just one second. The highest rate polling rate available in the market is 1000Hz which offers a minor edge in-game.

Most gaming mice have adjustable polling rates. You need unlimited data and fast speed for updating games. You can check out on the internet how much speed is needed for gaming.


Having the right sensor is a very important feature because the sensor type ensures on which type of surfaces you can use your mouse or at which DPI mouse will work.

Optical and laser are two different technologies of sensors that the mouse utilizes for the physical translation of movement of the mouse cursor on the monitor screen.


The Tracking speed is known as measured in inches per second or perfect control speed which mentions how fast a mouse can move while keeping exact tracking of a mouse.

Tracking speed is connected to the dpi if one is low the other will automatically go low. This is the important feature to look for nonetheless on which settings of DPI you are playing games.


You can have and enjoy the extra features in the mouse along with having the top best gaming mouse under 75. Other features you can have are tunable weight, swappable parts, wireless connectivity, and RGB lighting.


A basic rule which is applied by most brands is that the mouse with more features means a mouse with a heavy price tag. But above mentioned best gaming mouse you can have for just under 75.

These are the top mouse with all the amazing features you should consider looking for before buying a gaming mouse.


If you have a USD or wired mouse you do not have to worry about the replacement of the battery and this is the main reason we prefer a wired mouse as compared to a wireless mouse.

Though wireless mouse offers a great level of comfort and may be the most ideal alternative for playing games. A Wireless mouse can save your time as you do not have to waste your time on fixing or pulling cords.


Not all brands offer a warranty. It would be best to buy a mouse with at least a 1-year warranty. Because we all know no matter how much you spend on buying a mouse or any other electronic device there are many chances of damage.

You do not want to spend your money frequently so make sure to buy a mouse which is providing you with a warranty.


Can Razer DeathAdder Elite be used with Mac?

Gaming mice are designed to be used with laptops and PC but Razer DeathAdder Elite has no boundaries. You can connect this mouse to Mac devices with a USB cable.
You cannot customize this mouse on Mac because the software requires Windows downloading.

Why should we have to choose a gaming mouse over the standard mouse?

The sensors of a gaming mouse are designed to be more accurate and responsive with smoothing, adjustable, and acceleration.
Gaming mice are designed with more programmable and accessible buttons compared to an ordinary mouse. So you do not have to fumble with your keyboard for playing games.

What is a gaming mouse?

For beginners, gaming mice are designed to facilitate better performance. Gaming mice are designed with high-speed sensors which are accurate compared to ordinary sensors and go smoothly with hand movements.
Gaming mice are long-lasting and give you a million click latency results in just one click.

What is the best DPI for a gaming mouse?

DPI of a mouse totally depends upon the size of the screen you are using and for which purpose you are using your mouse. A mouse with a higher DPI is considered best for playing games.
Approximately 10000 or above DPI is ideal for a gaming mouse.

How would you differentiate between low and high DPI?

Higher DPI implies that even with a little movement of the mouse, it would take the cursor right to the side of the screen. Though, with a mouse that has low DPI, you should actually move the mouse a considerable amount for taking it to any place on the screen.

What is the lift-off distance of the mouse?

Lift-off is the distance between the bottom of the mouse and the surface before the mouse stops tracking.


If you are looking for the top best gaming mouse under 75 our article will surely help you out. Choosing a gaming mouse is quite a difficult task but it would not be a problem now. Because the mice mentioned above are the best mouse for gaming available on the market.

But choosing the right mouse for games totally depends on which style of games you like to play, size, grip style and most importantly all upgraded features in normal price. Everyone has a different structure of the hand.

Everyone’s likings and disliking are different and everyone’s needs and preferences are different so you should have to do deep research before buying the best gaming mouse. And with the wrong selection of mouse, you can get cramps while playing games which can make you play your games with difficulty. With the right mouse games, you can give tough competition to your rival.

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