Developers lives are very hectic and busy. They have to spend countless hours in front of their PC for work by using a mouse. But if they do not have an appropriate tool they become tired easily. Sometimes they can have severe medical issues.

Performance of the developer depends on the mouse. An ordinary mouse will not just affect the developer’s productivity and efficiency but can also cause pain in the hands. To avoid such medical problems and improve work productivity, developers need the quality mouse for working efficiently.

If a developer has a more ergonomic mouse which can track their hand movements more accurately they can work accurately and precisely. And if the mouse is offering programmable buttons then a developer can easily and comfortably complete their task.

We did a vast research and below we compiled a list of the top 5 best mouse for developers available in the market in terms of functionality, precision, price, quality and technology. We also include a brief buying guide for making your decision of buying easy by checking out these points in your mind.

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Logitech M570 Wireless Mouse

You can consider M570 a best mouse for developers because of its design, material, features and working. A developer can do all of their tasks without any tiredness or pain which mostly occurred by using a standard mouse.

As we all know that developers have to use their mouse a lot in daily working, this mouse is designed with a trackball, which ensures the strength of your hand while using it. Though it takes time to understand the functionality of a mouse but once you get used to it there’s no going back.

Working efficiency of the developer can be enhanced with this mouse, M570 mouse allows you to roll the ball by using your thumb to move the cursor on the screen.

If you are a developer and you are aware of how much mouse you have to use daily, by using an ordinary mouse you can have wrist pain or any muscle disease.

But with the M570 mouse you can easily control the movement of the mouse without moving your wrist, and trackball mouse precision can also give access to better control of navigation. This mouse is designed with the programmable keys which can be utilized to perform multi tasks at the same time.

You have no need to be worried about if you have a large hand and developing is your field, people with all hand sizes can use this. Furthermore the best feature this mouse offers is that it is considered as the best mouse for people who are suffering from carpal tunnel and wrist pain by working continuously.

But this mouse has an optical sensor which means you cannot use it on any glossy surface.


  • Great for using them in limited space, like other standard mouse, you do not have to move the mouse.
  • Can be considered best for people who have pain or injuries.
  • Can be used on many surfaces.
  • Can be used by the people with all hand shaped and sizes


  • Quite difficult to use if you are addicted to using a standard mouse.
  • People who are left handed find it difficult to use.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse ( Best Mouse For developers )

Evoluent mouse designed with a lot of features which are hard to ignore. This mouse is specifically designed for the developers who do not want to have any hand or wrist pain or any injury. As you have to do a lot of work and if you are having some medical condition you can consider Evoluent vertical mouse.

As this is a vertical mouse you do not have to twist your hand or arm while using it you can easily use it at one position. This mouse is designed with an optical sensor which is adjustable and assures you the control over the pointer’s speed. With these pointers the mouse will work smoothly.

You can easily set the mouse function as per your using requirements. You just have to install settings on your computer for configuration of the keys. It is designed with 6 programmable keys.

As working performance this mouse is an intuitive and powerful device. Mouse has a 2.4GHz receiver which makes sure that connected devices do not get disconnected. Furthermore, this mouse is designed with a speed controller.

Design of the mouse is very unique; it has a board edge design, which means the finger doesn’t rub on the surface. Where you place your thumb on the mouse is designed for giving you extra comfort.


  • Offers a neutral position for holding the mouse.
  • Speed of the mouse can be adjusted according to your preference and choice.
  • You can program your mouse according to your use and comfort.
  • Best for the people who have wrist pain or injuries.


  • Bit pricey.
  • Some rigid buttons.

Logitech MX Master – best mouse for developers (Laser Sensor)

If you have to travel frequently and you have a lot of work to do then wireless mice would be a great choice for you. And logitech is a leading brand if you want to buy a wireless mouse.It is a #1 mouse for developers. Though this mouse is not just only best for developers but for also graphic designers and gamers. This mouse has an amazing optical sensor which can be used on any surface including glass.

As a developer sometimes you have to work on different devices for working then this mouse has the most amazing feature it can be connected to 3 different devices at a time. You can easily switch in between them with a simple single switch.

Furthermore, you do not require a wireless dongle to connect this mouse with a computer. You can easily connect it to your device bluetooth.

This mouse has many programmable buttons which you can customize as per your choice. In any case, this mouse is stacked with highlights that a short survey can’t do justice to. This is an ideal premium mouse. developers would really enjoy the design and function of this wireless mouse. But this mouse is quite pricey. If you have a low budget you can buy other cheaper mouse available in the market.


  • You can use this mouse even on glass surfaces because this mouse has a laser sensor of high quality.
  • This is a best wireless mouse so you can connect this mouse with your PC through bluetooth
  • It has programmable buttons and a thumb wheel for precise work outcome.
  • You can connect your 3PCs at a same time and can easily switch
  • It is designed in a very stylish manner and best choice for the users who use their right hand.


  • It is costly mouse
  • People who use their left hand might feel trouble while using it.

Dell Premier WM527

Sometimes developers have to do work on different devices at a time this WM527 mouse is designed to ensure compatibility with various devices which is why we consider this mouse best for developers.

This mouse is manufactured with a 1600DPI  laser sensor so you do not have to bother about the mousepad ,you can easily use it on any surface including glass.

WM527 mouse offers connection with six devices at the same time with a provided usb receiver which assures you to have a less mess of cables or wire you have to carry with you. You can connect the mouse with your PC through 4.0 Bluetooth connection or with wireless 2.4Ghz connection. As a developer your work efficiency would not be compromised with this mouse.

Because developers have to do a lot of work this mouse ensures you the comfort while working. This mousehave 5 buttons ,designed in arc shape with premium quality material.


  • Mouse have 5 buttons which you can adjust
  • Design of the mouse perfectly fits in your palm
  • You can customize Cpi settings of mouse


  • This mouse is not designed for the people who use their left hand

Corsair Nightsword RGB (Comfort Performance)

This Corsair mouse is manufactured with many functions such as the weight of the mouse is adjustable, the mouse has an additional thumb, and a great performance optical sensor,which can help a developer to work with efficiency and precision.

Though this mouse has many great features and is probably the best mouse for developers, it actually has a few drawbacks.

This mouse assures a great comfort and performance while working but it is quite large and heavy in size and shape of the mouse sometimes can cause slip of hand while holding the mouse. But buying this mouse is not a loss you should just check this mouse before buying by holding the mouse in hand.

This corsair mouse is specifically made for people who use their right hand and people who are left handed feel difficulty while using the mouse. This mouse consisted of 10 buttons which all can be customized. Corsair mouse is preferred by developers,but gamers and other users admire it too.


  • Weight mechanism is adjustable
  • Have additional support for thumb
  • It has a great sensor manufactured with granular level setting
  • Great RGB light design


  • It has rubber grip so hand can be slipped
  • Designed for users who have large hands


Which mice are faster wireless or wired?

The G900 Chaos Spectrum is a wireless mouse and practically broke the past speed limit. It professes to be 3 to 5 milliseconds quicker as compared to the top level wired mice models.

Which are the best mice for photoshop?

The mouse that has been named as a best photograph editor in 2016-2018 is the Logitech G602 wireless mouse.
Aside from the 3 standard buttons and 3 more for rapidly changing the DPI 500 to 2500, this mouse gives you 6 additional buttons which can have any capacity you decide.

Do wireless mice have lag?

It relies upon every specific developer mouse model. The most well-known ones typically have 8-16 ms of lag.
You can expect that from a mouse with a 125 Hz USB surveying rate that has the extra errand of encoding, sending, and interpreting the sign. The further developed mice permit you to change that rate.

Do you require a mouse for Photoshop?

Since the developer must have to work in photoshop, a responsive and delicate regulator is an absolute necessity. Considerably more so for the experts chipping away at high-res screens.

An uncommon keyboard with an expanded number of large scale keys would likewise help your effectiveness by putting more alternate ways readily available.

What is Repetitive Strain Injury which a developer can have by using an ordinary mouse?

When utilizing an ordinary mouse, you force your arm to adjust the mouse. The twisting strain can stiff and numb your wrist and cause Repetitive Strain Injury.
In medical terms, Repetitive Strain Injury is a cumulative injury issue that comes from delayed dull hand developments. Repetitive Strain Injury harms the muscles and ligaments of your hand, neck and lower arm shoulder.

How would you differentiate among low and high DPI?

A higher DPI implies that even a little movement of the mouse would take the cursor right to the side of the screen.
Though, with a mouse that has low DPI, you should actually move the mouse a considerable amount to take it to the furthest limit of the screen.


Before buying a mouse there are some key point one should keep in mind. In the event that you are a beginner and going to buy the mouse for the first time then it is a good idea to comprehend the highlights of the mouse, our guide will assist you with choosing the best mouse.

Size of mouse

Size is the most important thing you should consider before buying a mouse because if you buy a mouse which is big for your hand you will not feel comfortable while using it.

Plus the grip of the mouse mostly depends on the size of the mouse. As we all know developers have to work fastly but with productivity the right size and shape of the mouse is the most important aspect.


Mouse has three  different grips, palm, claw, and fingertip grips , and people like them according to their preference. As like the mouse size the grip of the mouse is important. Right grip of the mouse can guarantee you can better use it and can save you from any kind of wrist pain.

  • Palm Grip. In a palm grip mouse you can gently use the mouse by placing your entire palm on the mouse.
  • Clawgrip. in this grip you hold your mouse claw and your palm rests.Your fingers are set on the end of the mouse,twisted in a curve, and prepared to click.
  • Fingertip grip. You can easily use your mouse by only using the fingertips of hands.


Having a right sensor is a very important feature because the sensor type ensures that on which type of surfaces you can use your mouse or at which DPI mouse will work.

Optical and laser are two different technologies of sensors which the mouse utilizes for physical translation of movement of mouse cursor on the monitor screen.


These optical Sensor Mice replaced the old ball mice. For tracking movement these mice utilize a LED. optical sensor mice designed with a DPI of 400 to 800, but you can have till 10000 DPI. But optical mice cannot be used on any surface.


Laser sensors are a new technology compared to optical mice. You can have a large variety of lasers and their prices are according to their new technology.

These mice can be used on any surface even on glass. The DPI of these mice can be extended beyond 10000 which can make them more precise in use.

Programmable Buttons

Many mice have buttons on the side of the mouse that can perform all types of functions. A few mice have certain catches as an afterthought which can play out a wide range of capacities.

It was at that point referenced that specific mice have buttons which control mouse affectability. In any case, with programmable buttons, you can relegate different functions to them by means of software.

Wireless and Wireless Mouse

This is the main debate now because both wired and wireless mice have their own pros and cons. Wireless mice are easy to use. You can easily connect them to your PC through a Bluetooth USB dongle , and you can also use them on any surface.

Wireless mice are best for developers; they can carry mice with scrambling wires. But the drawback is that wireless mice can run out of battery, and if you do not have some in spare, then you are left without one.

On the other hand wired mice are faster compared to wireless mice. They are usually preferred by those who need lag free performance such as developers and gamers.

They are also cheaper than their wireless counterparts. But wires are limited in length which can be a drawback for some users.


The most preferable mouse for developers would be the one with the best ergonomics for your hand and hold style. A completely fitting mouse would not just make you less drained. Among the ordinary mouse plans with slight enhancements, you will discover additional intriguing ones, similar to a vertical regulator or a trackball.

Notwithstanding how odd they look, such plans have demonstrated advantages and appear to be not difficult to become accustomed to. The ones most profoundly appraised by clients can be found previously.


Above we recommend what we think are currently the top 5 best mouse for developers in terms of quality, performance, technology and price. We also provided you with a complete buying guide which can help you in choosing the best mice.

If a developer has a proper and right mouse they can work precisely and fastly. With appropriate mice a developer can enhance their programming and developing experience.

A developer needs a mouse which can fulfil their requirements. Despite the fact that you can utilize any standard mouse available in the market, yet it is smarter to do investment in a professional mouse.

A developer has to choose the mouse wisely. Though choosing in between wireless and wired mouse is a tough competition.

For example, if they are going to buy a wireless mouse. They should prefer a mouse which  does not need to be charged frequently or can stay charged for a long time. Because sometimes they have to work for a continuous time period then a wired mouse would be preferred so you can just plug in and can use it.

Also the size, grip and appropriate sensor sensitivity of a mouse matters a lot these specifications can save you from any kind of injury and tiredness.

Furthermore, with the upgrade in the functioning of the mouse some brands may change and increase the price. But it will be totally worth it because  it is a long time investment.

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