In This article, we are going to discuss the best mouse pad for carpal tunnel.

By having pressure on your median nerve, you can have carpal tunnel syndrome. The cause of carpal tunnel can be a continuous movement of muscles. If you are suffering from a carpal tunnel problem. You have to use a mouse or keyboard for your work whether you are working in an office or doing it at home.

It would be impossible for you to work with an ordinary mouse comfortably, precisely, and effectively. Without having any precautions for your arm you have to suffer unbearable pain, also your health and working efficiency would be affected and leaving your work is not an option.

Other than medical treatment there are many options for a mouse pad for your carpal tunnel available on the market. These mouse pads help your arm to stay in a relaxed posture and with them, you can perform your work correctly and your performance would not be affected.

Mouse Pads which are specifically made for carpal tunnel help your hand to stay in a natural position while scrolling, clicking, and typing. You will not be able to place your hand and wrist in a neutral posture without these mouse pads.

Carpal tunnel mouse pads help to reduce the compression on your wrist and hand nerves. For your ease below we will review the top 5 best mouse pads for carpal tunnel along with their pros and cons which are easily accessible in the market. Also, we are adding a complete buying guide which will help you to choose the best mouse in the market.

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Belkin F8E262-BLK WaveRest Gel

Belkin is the well-known top brand for mouse pads and #1 in our list of the best mouse pads for carpal tunnel syndrome. The Belkin wrist rest gel mouse pad offers carpal tunnel syndrome people to work with the huge motion range you want for work and gives you comfort and support in your daily work.

The Belkin mouse pad is manufactured with a polyurethane material that is very durable and will last for a long time without the fear of any damage or wear and tear. This mouse pad is very ergonomic in design which offers you to move and track your mouse smoothly. Belkin mouse pad offers you to move your wrists comfortably.

The base of the mouse pad is manufactured with natural rubber and the resting surface of the mouse pad is made with a nontoxic cloth that is fully covered. This mouse pad is very light and durable.

This mouse pad for the carpal tunnel with wrist rest is designed in 3 colors: gray patented Gelflex Comfort Zone, blue Gelflex Comfort Zone, and ergonomic black. The black mouse pad is designed to offer you to move your hand without having any trouble when you are typing or browsing for too long.

The most important feature is the gel wrist rest part which helps you to support and raise your wrist and alleviate the pressure on your hand and wrist which can irritate your carpal tunnel. Belkin mouse pad comes with a warranty of 1 year, but this is not the problem with this durable mouse.


  • The mouse pad is compatible with various mice.
  • The wrist will be in a very comfortable position while using it.
  • Mouse pads have a non-slip pad.
  • Do not cover a lot of space.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Affordable price.
  • People are satisfied with its price. It is very affordable.


  • Gets dirty quickly with our skin oil and sweat.
  • Some customers complained about gel leaking out after a few months of use.
  • The mouse pad leaves an odor of paint thinner on the hand.
  • Small and not designed for large hand users.
  • The mouse pad is a bit high for a few customers.
  • The mouse pad is designed in such a way all weight is concentrated in the middle and with the passage of time the gel of the pad leaks out.

Kensington K62401AM Duo Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest For Carpal Tunnel Support

Kensington Duo Gel mouse pad is famous because of its color and elastic colorful gel pillow. This mouse pad is designed in an accurate shape to give your wrist and hand a comfortable position and give you relieve from wrist pain.

Do not worry if you have to work for long hours because this mouse pad prevents your hand from getting numb.

Kensington gel mouse pad has an interesting design. The mouse pad is almost 1 and a half inches in height which concave in the middle and flatten almost 1inch. Which will help you to move your wrist easily and prevent your wrist from severe carpal tunnel.

This mouse pad restricts the movement of your forearm. One more amazing thing about this mouse pad is that the Kensington gel pad has a ventilation channel that passes through the entire pillow. To keep your hands sweat-free while working.

A mouse pad and keyboard are designed with ventilation channels. Along with the cooling system, you will feel that it is a gel mouse pad your hand or wrist did not stick to it.

Furthermore, the Kensington gel mouse pad is considered the most comfortable mouse pad but only with a horizontal mouse so that the entire bottom side of the wrist rest will be on the supporting pad.

And for the users who have to use a vertical mouse which allows your wrist side only to lay on a mouse pad and to move your entire forearm to control and use the mouse, for these users a mouse pad which is designed in the same height all over the pad is better.

This mouse pad has a smooth finishing of gel. And you can easily clean your mouse pad after continuous use. Just keep in mind to frequently clean the gel pad curves to keep it safe from dirt and dust building up in the middle of the gel pad.

Though this mouse pad is expensive compared to other competitors, you will not find any other mouse pad which comes close in functionality and quality.


  • Gel mouse pads are designed with a cooling ventilation feature that keeps your mouse pad cool even after a long time.
  • Pillow is designed with curved-shaped wrist rest which places your wrist in an accurate position and prevents you from wrist strain.
  • The rubber surface of the mouse keeps your mouse pad in one place.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The gel pillow is frangible.
  • Mousepads do not go well with a vertical design mouse because your wrist does not stay flat on a supporting pillow.

3M Precise Mouse Pad For Carpal Tunnel Support with Gel Wrist Rest

We are adding this amazing 3M to the list of the best mouse pads for carpal tunnel. This mouse pad is highly pierced and leak resistant. This 3M gel mouse pad has a good balance of firmness and softness which prevent your wrist from severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Leatherette and gel filling covering the mouse pad is the most comfortable union for wrist rest.

The gel wrist of the mouse pad is designed 2 inches deep, 5 inches wide, and height is 9 inches. And the height of the supporting pad is almost 1 inch. And allows you to use your mouse pad comfortably. Also, this mouse pad is deep enough to help you place your wrist and hand in a straight position.

The mouse pad is designed with a microscopic groove which not only enhances the optical mouse precision, but it also increases the battery life of the wireless mouse. Some users give reviews that after using this mouse pad battery timing of their wireless mouse extends.

The base of the mouse pad is also non-slip. The surface of the mouse is grooved and has a tendency to improve the precision for some mice. This mouse has an inclination to build up dirt between ridges of the mouse pad. You have to clean the mouse pad from time to time for the proper and precise work of your mouse pointer.

This 3M precise gel mouse pad comes in different sizes. This mouse has many unique features. The 3M mouse is designed with antimicrobial protection. This mouse pad offers great relief to people having carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • It can extend the wireless mouse’s battery life.
  • Come in three sizes and is designed with recycled materials which are 25%.
  • Most comfortable gel pillow and eco-friendly.
  • The cover of the mouse pad is designed with antimicrobial safety.
  • This mouse pad enhances the precision of a pointer for a few mice.
  • This mouse pad is designed with a non-skidding base.
  • Not much pricey and comes with a warranty of 1 year.


  • 3M mouse pad is designed with a grooved base which gets dirty easily.
  • Due to its packaging, some users complained that they received mouse pads in a warped position.

Innovera 50449 Gel Mousepad With Wrist Pad For Carpal Tunnel Support

Innovera mouse pads are designed to allow you to move your hand, wrist, and arm without any friction. The mouse pad has an ergonomic design that provides comfort and is suitable for people who use average-type computers.

Compared with many ergonomic mouse pads this mouse pad is large. Innovera gel mouse pads have a non-skid base which makes sure that your mouse pad would not slip or move when you move your mouse on the pad.

The most amazing thing about this mouse pad is that it is waterproof and stain-resistant, and you can easily wipe it to clean. You can also wash this mouse pad. This mouse pad comes in smooth gray color

Innovera gel mouse pad has gel filling which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Gel filling keeps your hand and wrist in place while doing work and saves you from strain. The only drawback this mouse pad has is that this mouse pad is inclined to warp in humid and hot environments.


  • Comfortable to use and small does not take up much space on your desk.
  • Designed with soft memory foam allows your wrist to feel a massaging effect.
  • The surface of the mouse pad is waterproof and stain-resistant.
  • Comes in different colors.
  • The base of the mouse pad is non-skid and is made of plastic.


  • The fabric of the mouse pad can be torn away after some use.
  • It will start to stink with your sweat after a few weeks of use.
  • Some users complained that the mouse pad got flat where we placed our wrist weight.

CushionCare Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad Set For Carpal Tunnel Support

How do you feel if you get a mouse pad along with a wrist rest? Cushion care offers you the best memory foam mouse pad for the carpal tunnel with a wrist rest set for your keyboard to keep your hand and wrist in the right alignment while working or playing.

This padded memory foam allows you to use the mouse and keyboard comfortably and protects your wrist and hands from repetitive strain injury caused by clicking and typing for a long time. This memory support mouse pad for carpal tunnel is much wider so that you can move your mouse easily.

The mouse pad has a rubber back that keeps your mouse pad in place while moving your mouse.

Above all this carpal tunnel mouse pad offers a warranty of 3 years which means you can replace your mouse pad easily by contacting customer service if there is any wear and tear on your mouse pad.

But the only complaint is with this mouse pad you can have if you have a sensitive nose you will feel a slight smell after using it for almost a year.


  • Offers you a large space for work.
  • Designed with a rubber back to keep the mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest firmly in one place.
  • Durable and light. Manufactured with foam of high quality.
  • Compatible with all mice and comes with a warranty of 3 years.


  • Wide edges of the wrist rest obstruct the placement of the keyboard.
  • The mouse has a bit of a smell when new.
  • The wrist support of the mouse pad is a bit small.


Carpal tunnel is not an ordinary syndrome. If you ignore it then you may become paralyzed for your entire life. Choosing the best mouse pad for carpal tunnel is not an easy decision when there are many mouse pads available on the market.

Above we have shared with you the top quality and best mouse for carpal tunnel, but there are some points you should keep in mind before buying. Below we are sharing with you the main features you should look for.


Mainly there are 2 types of pad materials for carpal tunnel syndrome: gel support and memory foam. You can feel the cooling effect on your skin with a gel support pad. This construction material is more firm, but it does not offer much cushion.

A gel support pad is good for people who have minor carpal tunnel problems and for people who do not have to use a mouse for a long period of time. Whereas memory foam is the best option for people who have to use the computer a lot for work or gaming.

Because foam pad surfaces are soft and can be used comfortably for long periods without any pain in your hand or wrist. Memory foam is best for people who have carpal tunnel syndrome because the softness of the mouse pad helps you to reduce pressure on your hand.

If you have to use your computer for continuous hours, a memory foam mouse pad is best for you. The heat of your body softens the memory foam mouse pad, so that pad complies with your wrist shape. However, in summer some users do not like it due to its heat-releasing feature.


To prevent your wrist from any severe injury this feature helps your wrist to stay in a neutral posture while working. With wrist support height you do not have to bend your wrist to a too low posture while working.

Because if you bend your wrist too low with the weight of your arm, your wrist will get strained. Which increases the chances of a severe syndrome like carpal tunnel. Whereas if the wrist rest is too high it can cause fatigue to your hand, wrist, and finger.

To make sure the accurate alignment does check that the wrist support you are buying will be approximately 1 to 1.2 deep in inches. If you buy support higher than that it will be hard to keep your wrist in a neutral position when it is rested on the mouse pad.

Which will increase your carpal tunnel syndrome to an extent.


Before buying a mouse pad do check the dimensions of the area and whether the mouse pad can fit in your work area or not. Or can you easily move your mouse in that space while working or not? Also, do check that wrist support is wide and large enough so if you are not working your arm does not slip your mouse pad.


The size of the mouse should be large enough will support your arm and hand. For carpal tunnel syndrome, you should consider changing your mouse to a vertical mouse design that allows you to use your mouse with a handshake posture.

The vertical mouse is an alternative to putting the weight on the wrist inside parts, you can place the weight on the side of your hand without any pain.


While working or playing games you do not want your mouse pad to be slipping around in the middle of using it. That is why look for the mouse pad with a rubber base which helps your mouse pad to stay in one place firmly.

There are even mouse pads available in the market which stick to the base of the table. You have to peel them off to move your mouse pad.


Sometimes you have to drink water and tea, and sometimes you have to eat your food while working, accidents are not bound to happen and the fact is that a mouse pad can get dirty with the spill or water, tea or anything, and it will get dirty.

The best mouse pad should be stain and spill-resistant. A good mouse pad should be washable so that you can have a clean and dust-free workspace.


The wrist rest of your mouse pad should be firm to support the weight of your arm, but it must be soft enough to allow the proper circulation of blood in the arm. But if you keep your arm in one posture for a long time then even with the wrist rest you will risk your blood compression.

You have to adjust your chair and table at the right height to keep your elbow and wrists in a straight and accurate alignment. But you should avoid working continuously and must take a break from work and perform some simple hand and wrist exercises from time to time.


Do not buy mouse pads from new sellers or those mouse pads that have fewer reviews from customers. Because if you do not have a proper mouse pad for your carpal tunnel syndrome you may be paralyzed for your whole life.

There are many mouse pads available in the market which are manufactured by reputed brands. So look for a mouse pad that has good reviews and the manufacturer offers a return policy and a good warranty. Also, easy access to customer service should be looked for.


No one wants to invest in a thing that got damaged after a few uses. Wearing and tearing while using a mouse every day is normal, but you do not want to change your mouse pad again and again. Look for a mouse pad that is firm but allows your mouse to move easily and freely without any wear and tear.

Because you have to constantly move your mouse on the surface. You should buy a mouse pad that is designed to protect against ripping and tearing of the mouse pad easily.


The best and most durable mouse pad for carpal tunnel does not mean that it has to be designed with a lot of weight. The best mousepad should be lightweight which you should be able to carry easily with you anywhere. No one will like a mousepad that will be hard to pack up.


The rate of carpal tunnel syndrome is getting higher day by day. Because we have to do most of our work with computers. We use our hands and fingers for a large time of day while using the computer. They are the source of work, information, communication, studying, and fun.

But there are many mousepads available in the market for carpal tunnel syndrome. These mousepads can help you to keep your wrist in an accurate straight position so that you have to bear less strain on your hand, wrist, and arm.

Now when you have all the details about the best mousepad for carpal tunnel we hope that you can easily decide which mouse pad is best for you. Above mentioned mouse pads are best for carpal tunnel without any doubt. With these mousepads, you can get rid of or minimize the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Though these mousepads help you to move your wrist quickly and easily. No matter how expensive a mouse pad you buy. To save your hand from carpal tunnel keep your hand, wrist, and arm in a healthy position by placing them in accurate posture.

But here is an important reminder you should keep in mind what works for you may not work for another period. So before considering buying a mousepad for your carpal tunnel syndrome keep in mind the all-important factors and you will be able to have the top 5 best mousepads for carpal tunnel.

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