Top 5 Best Ergonomic Mouse For Wrist Pain To Buy In 2021

In today’s world , the mouse is the most important tool in every field which cannot be ignored. We use our mouse daily whether for office work, studying or playing games. There are alot of other advantages of mouse too. But if we use a mouse continuously for a long time it can cause us wrist pain which can be turned into severe wrist issues.

To prevent this pain an ergonomic mouse is considered best. Position in which you hold your mouse can cause wrist pain. If you feel any pain in your wrist the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain can help you in continuing your work.

We did vast research and approached many people who are facing wrist pain issues and compiled a list of the top 5 best ergonomic mouses for wrist pain. Each mouse has their pros and cons. But Choosing the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain would not be easy so we are going to add a complete buying guide to make your decision best easy.

1. Evoluent Vertical 4 Mouse

This evoluent vertical mouse is highly recommended by doctors if you have wrist pain or if there are any chances of developing wrist pain. Evoluent 4 vertical mouse is at #1 is our list for wrist pain. Evoluent brand is well known for introducing the vertical mouse to the world.

This mouse comes in three sizes and you can easily select the right mouse for your hand. Buttons of the mouse are designed at a slope of 80 degrees. Which offers you to hold the mouse perfectly. This mouse allows you to keep your wrist in a neutral posture which can save you from severe wrist pain.

Mouse is designed with a sensitivity wheel which allows you to easily toggle the mouse pointer’s sensitivity. Mouse has a LED screen which shows you the exact and accurate DPI sensitivity of the mouse. There are 2 buttons on the side and one button in the middle of the mouse is designed on the right side of the mouse.

By clicking the middle button on any web page a new tab will open in the background with just a single click. There is a protruding button designed for operating the mouse with your pinky finger on the right side of the mouse which gives comfort to your wrist while using the mouse.

Although this mouse is expensive but Evoluent Vertical mouse gives comfort to your wrist like no other mouse because of its handshake design which allows your wrist a comfortable and resting position. If you are already suffering from wrist pain then Evoluent Vertical Mouse is the best ergonomic mouse for recovering from wrist pain.


  • Help you to place your wrist at perfect and nearest handshake posture.
  • Designed with a LED indicator for adjustment of DPI. Great middle click button.
  • Comes with adjustable DPI sensor and many sizes.
  • Ergonomic design and high quality.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • Quite difficult to understand.

2. Kensington Trackball Ergo Pro Fit

What great luck if you find a mouse which is vertical in design along with a trackball? Kensington is the best option for protecting you from wrist pain with these two amazing factors. This mouse helps you to keep your wrist in neutral posture and minimize the movement of the wrist to operate the mouse. Brand combined these both ergonomic designs to make the best mouse for wrist pain.

Vertical sloped structure with thumb controlled trackball allows you to place your arm still and neutral while working even for a long time which can be great for your wrist.

Trackball is well designed and accurate and is sized and placed perfectly under your thumb. Mouse is hefty in design and there are no possibilities of sliding the mouse while using it. Mouse is designed with 9 programmable keys, a physical switch to control sensitivity at the bottom of the mouse.

Mouse has a Bluetooth and wireless connectivity feature with which you can connect your mouse with upto 3 devices at a time. Only drawback this trackball can have is that the mouse is designed in a high learning curved shape. Many tasks in which holding a mouse and controlling the trackball are needed might take time to understand.

But no matter what if you have an issue of wrist pain or some severe issue related to your wrist, a Kensington fit pro trackball mouse with vertical design can be a best option for you.


  • Trackball mouse with vertical design keeps your wrist still completely.
  • Designed with 9 highly customizable keys.
  • Wireless mouse and can be connected via Bluetooth.
  • Physical switch for DPI.


  • Design with a high learning curve compared to ordinary vertical mouses.
  • Trackball or mouse need some time to grease to work smoothly.

3. J-Tech Vertical v628 Mouse

People who are suffering from wrist pain and have large hands, this J-Tech v628 mouse can be a great decision for them. This mouse is 5.8″ in height. This vertical mouse offers your hand to stay in resting position and covers more space. Joystick-like also allows it to hold the mouse in many ways from a loose resting position to tight grip. All these features make v628 an extremely comfortable mouse for wrist pain.

This mouse helps you to position your wrist and hold the mouse according to the surface of the desk. J-Tech v628 is a much better mouse compared to other mouses available in the market.

J-Tech v628 is an ergonomic mouse designed with a physical switch for DPI to set the mouse sensitivity between 800-1600. Unfortunately the button which is designed on the mouse bottom makes it hard to adjust at whim. The V628 mouse comes with a palm rest of plastic which is much appreciated by the people because it offers a cushion to the hand.

This mouse is quite big in size and which can be a problem for people with small hands. You can comfortably and easily maneuver your mouse by using your wrist. Plus point is that this mouse is not very expensive and you can easily hold your mouse in many ways comfortably with your wrist pain.

This mouse is specifically designed to reduce pressure on the wrist to prevent you from pain or severe issues like carpal tunnel. If you are the digital designer, an adjustable dpi sensor level would be a great option for you. You can easily set your forward and back buttons according to your choice. If you like to work with wired mouse, v628 would be the best option.


  • Best mouse design to prevent wrist pain.
  • Can be easily held in many ways.
  • Comes with a palm rest which can be detached.


  • It’s a bit heavy for people with small hands.
  • People having serious wrist pain might find mouse slope too gentle.

4. 3M Ergonomic Optical Wired Mouse

You can say that a 3M wired mouse is a medical mouse and it sometimes looks like a joystick. If you are suffering from wrist pain then a 3M mouse is the best option you can have. This mouse can save you from severe wrist pain even if it has gone too far.

This mouse has an ergonomic look and is designed to work like an ordinary mouse but comes with wrist support to prevent pain, arthritis and RSI. You can simply hold the mouse by its handle and the rest of your hand stays on the base of the mouse. This mouse allows you to click right and left with your thumb and your entire hand can stay in resting position so you do not have to push your wrist. Mouse comes with 2 metre cable and has an optical sensor.

The 3M mouse comes in 2 sizes. Large design covers 3.5″ to 4″ palm whereas small design covers 2.75 to 3.5″ of your palm. Though this mouse is expensive, it comes with many useful things like installation manual, ergonomic tips and a money back guarantee of 30 days so if you return the item back if you do not like it.

The 3M mouse is manufactured to allow users to work with their large muscles to operate a mouse which will help you to have less strain on your wrist while working. The 3M mouse is considered best for people with wrist issues. It can be the best choice for reducing wrist pain. Yo7 can easily connect this mouse even with a Windows computer with a USB socket.


  • Best recommended mouse from doctors for wrist pain.
  • Comes with 1 month money back guarantee and warranty for 2 years.
  • Comes in different sizes.


  • It’s a bit heavyin size.
  • Expensive.
  • Designed for right hand users.

5. J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wireless Mouse

This mouse is the other best choice specifically made to prevent wrist and hand pain. J-Tech mouse comes with a detachable palm rest so you can work comfortably. The two buttons on the mouse allow you to go forward and backward through pages while surfing on the Internet.

Also the designers enhance button lifetime guarantee upto 3 millions clicks. If you use your mouse more often you are going to love this mouse because it can prevent you from wrist pain. Mouse is designed with an adjustable Dpi which gives you great control over the response time of the mouse.

Though this mouse has no compression with a gaming mouse, this mouse still comes with an optical sensor which is accurate to almost 99%. Design of the mouse helps users to keep your wrist and forearm in neutral position and prevents pain and aches.

Nouse is lightweight and small in siz3 compared to many other mouse. You can easily carry it with you without any pain. This ergonomic mouse is compatible with kany devices but 8f you connect it with mac back and forward buttons do not work properly.

J-Tech digital scroll endurance mouse comes with 2 AAA batteries which can last for almost 6 months.


  • Can be connected with many devices.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Offers high and durable quality at a low price.


  • Left hand users cannot enjoy using it.
  • Not liked by gamers.
  • Did not work well with mac.


We have reviewed the best mouse which can prevent you from wrist pain. But which mouse you want totally depends on the purpose for which you have to use a mouse. There are a lot of options available in the market and choosing the right mouse can be a hectic choice. For your ease we are going to share some important features we have to look for before buying a top best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain.


Ergonomic design is the most basic and important feature to consider. Do a deep research and buy a mouse which fits well in hand, comes with wrist and thumb support features and which you can use comfortably even for long hours without having wrist pain.

Not all horizontal, trackball and vertical mouse can be the same and comfortable. One should go to the market personally and check which mouse can save them from wrist pain.


Both wireless and wired mouses have their own pros and cons but it all depends on the user choice. If you buy a wired mouse you do not have to worry about replacing the battery and this is the main reason most people prefer wired mouse as compared to wireless mouse.

One more plus point of wired mouses is that they come with a cheap price so you can save your money as well. But some wired mouses come with short length wire which can cause problems in moving your mouse. Though wireless mouses offer a great level of comfort and can be a most ideal alternative.

Wireless mouses can save your time as you do not have to waste your time on fixing or pulling cords by just connecting them with your Computer or PC via bluetooth. But there can be a connectivity issue sometime.


If you are suffering from wrist pain and you have to spend a lot of time on work it is very important to keep your hand in a neutral position. Size of the mouse should be large enough which will support your arm and hand.

If you have severe wrist pain issues you should consider changing your mouse to a vertical mouse design which allows you to use your mouse with a handshake posture. Above-mentioned list is the best mouse to prevent wrist pain.


There are 2 points to consider. Some mouses are designed with all new technologies though this is a good thing but some people found them difficult to use. Some mouses are heavy, and difficult to understand in shape due to which you have to put a lot of pressure on your wrist which can cause wrist strain and pain.

Do check a mouse which is easy to use and understand and also not so heavy so you will get strain and should not be so lightweight that controlling the cursor will not be possible.


An average mouse comes just with right click and left click buttons. But in today’s era the mouse comes with new features and many programmable keys. You can now control and set your programmable keys easily according to your preferences.

Whether you work in an office or you are just a gamer with a programmable key your life would become very easy and you do not have to click your mouse again and again which can help you to prevent wrist pain.


DPI is the most basic and important specification to check in a mouse before buying. Basically DPI is the quantity of numbers that of course moves on the screen if we move our mouse. You can have fast sensor time with a lower DPI mouse and with a higher DPI you can have better precision.

DPI sensitivity level totally depends on your purpose of using it. If you are suffering from wrist pain you will need a mouse which you do not have to move again and again so maybe you should go for a higher DPI mouse.

Whether you work in an office or you just have to surf the Internet, it is very important to check DPI specifications which you can easily adjust according to your choice.


Running out of battery can be annoying while working. There are many ergonomic mouses available in the market with a few month battery life. Many brands have introduced a mouse in the market with a sleep feature so you can easily save your battery when you are inactive.

Some mouse come with a replaceable battery which is a good and bad thing at the same time because you have to dispose of the battery and you can replace it easily in emergency situations with a lot of workload you do not have to wait for it to charge it. But a mouse with rechargeable batteries can save your money and many mouse come with almost 2-3 months of battery timing.


A basic rule which is applied by most brands is that the mouse with more features means a mouse with a heavy price tag. Though there are many available in the market which you can have at a low price with the best features, low price does not mean you will have the best mouse.

Do deep research and look for a mouse which you can have at a reasonable price with all new and amazing features.


Not every mouse is designed with scrolling wheels and even everyone does not know them. If you are having wrist pain, a scroll wheel can help you alot while using the mouse because you just have to move your finger slightly on the scroll wheel and you can navigate through web pages with just one click. You do not have to put pressure on your wrist.


Ergonomic mouses are designed specifically to prevent and reduce discomfort and strain on the wrist. Design and shape of each mouse offers a relaxing position to your wrist because pressure is applied on the upper muscles instead of the wrist.

Ergonomic mouse allows you to keep your wrist in a comfortable posture. Design of an ergonomic mouse helps you to work for prolonged hours, whereas ordinary mouses are designed for basic work. Most important feature of ergonomic mouses is that you can use them on any surface whether it is a wood or glass surface.

You do not have to buy a mousepad. Our above mentioned products are the best mouse you can find for the top 5 best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain. Ergonomic design of these mouses have all the best features you can have for preventing wrist pain.

Most importantly with these mouse you do not have to take a break from your work because of wrist pain.


Q.What points are to consider before buying an ergonomic mouse?

If possible go by yourself to market and check out the mouse check out all features of the mouse and do some online research.

First decide whether you want to buy an ergonomic vertical mouse which allows your hand to stay in handshakes position or you want to buy an ergonomic horizontal mouse which comes with additional support.

Q. According to pain points which mouse position relieves them?

Some mouses are designed specifically with a thumb pain relief feature which allows your thumb to stay in a position where your thumb does not get cramps after a long working day. Whereas trackballs help people having shoulder pain.

Q. Do ergonomic mouse help people with wrist pain?

Vertical mouses are designed specifically for wrist pain issues. Above mentioned Evoluent mouse keeps your hand and wrist in handshake posture while you are working.

Vertical mouses are worth trying because they help you to keep your wrist in a less painful and natural position.

Q. Do ergonomic and ambidextrous mouses have any difference?

You can use an ambidextrous mouse with both your right and left hand because it comes in a neutral design. So people who use their left hand do not need to be worried.

But ergonomic mouses are mostly designed for right handed people. But ergonomic mouses are designed to give you a healthy and comfortable hand position. But here is the issue that you cannot achieve two goals at a time.

It is not possible to have an ergonomic and ambidextrous design in one mouse. If you just want to increase your working efficiency try both of them to check which one is best.

Q. Does a trackball mouse reduce your wrist pain and is considered ergonomic?

There is not any mouse which can solve all your issues. But there are some designs and shapes which give you the best result compared to others.

Trackball mouse design allows you to utilize your palm, short finger and sometimes just your thumb movements to monitor the cursor. Trackballs are helpful for people who are recovering from wrist pains or facing any injuries. Also if you are suffering from bad finger arthritis trackball mouses are recommended for you.

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