Top 5 best mouse for skethup to buy

If you are a designer and you have to do a lot of sketch work then you must have an idea that you cannot do it with any regular or ordinary mouse. You cannot have the right precision in your work. If you are still using an ordinary mouse which came along with your PC, the precision of your work would not be great.

Whether you are a designer or a gamer an appropriate mouse enhances your capabilities ability of working and playing. If we have the right mouse to do work it will help us to reduce workload and we can do our work without any stress.

3D modeling becomes a need because of an increase in a wide range of demands and technologies. Which is why most architects, engineers and graphic designers use sketchup which  is a top leading software used for 3D designing modeling.

As we all know 3D mouse  are considered the best mouse for the designers who have to do a lot of sketchup. 3D mouse allows designers who have to do sketchup to work efficiently and quickly. This software also offers many applications for drawing such as different construction designs, interior designing and many web designing.

Since a SketchUp mouse is explicitly intended to manage all SketchUp functionalities. Hence, in case you are willing to work reliably. An agreeable, responsive mouse will be your assistance.

There are few things one should have to consider before buying a mouse for your sketchup work other than precision and features, whether the mouse is compatible with your sketchup softwares or not.

You should also check out if the mouse is compatible with your PC or operating device. It would not be possible for a designer to work precisely on sketchup or any other 3D softwares without a compatible mouse which is specifically designed for 3D modeling softwares.

3D mouse are an essential tool for any designer which allows them to have a great and precise sketchup. If you do have a best quality mouse the work output of any designer would be precise whether it is sketchup or any other design.

Sketchup softwares demands designers to be precise and accurate for great performance and productivity. Choosing an accurate mouse for your sketchup work can be quite a difficult task. When there are so many options available in the market. But we have a solution to your problem.

Today, in our article we are going to discuss the top 5 best mouse for sketchup. Which are best in terms of price, quality, functions and design along we are presenting their pros and cons. Also, we are providing you a detailed buyers guide which can surely help you to find the best mouse for sketchup.

1. 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse 700052

3Dconnexion 3DX-700052 is built with great and durable material. It is the best ergonomic mouse for sketchup and you can easily and comfortably use it for several hours without having any pain in hand.

This mouse is designed with a USB powered feature, with the resolution of 8200DPI. Which assures you to do work with great precision.

3DX-700052 has a button in the middle which is a great alternative for scrolling click, which saves you from accidental and flimsy scrolling. Having a dedicated key can help you alot in sketchup.

And for zooming and scrolling features there are 2 programmable thumb buttons designed on the mouse. Because the mouse has a groove in between these keys it can be easy to move with the mouse without visual cues.

Furthermore, this mouse is designed with the Omron switches and that is a pretty basic feature. 


  • Can be used easily and comfortably if you have to work for a long time.
  • Great material and ergonomic design.
  • Has a great DPI of 8200 for sketchup.
  • 2 programmable buttons are on the side of the mouse for zooming, and for scrolling a middle click button is designed.


  • Omron switches of the mouse do not reach the expectation compared to the price.

2. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700028 SpaceNavigator  Mouse

If you are in search of the wireless and high quality mouse for professional sketchup work then 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D can be the best choice for your work. You can easily make your 3D models with this mouse.

This mouse offers you to make 2D projects. People who work on photoshop found this 3D mouse for great, easy and fast working for a precise result. Mouse is designed with 6 degrees of navigation.

If we compared this mouse with 3DX-700056, this mouse just has a space navigator on the other hand 700056 has a lot more features then this mouse. But if you already listed your shortcuts then this mouse would be a great choice for you.

At the point when you are utilizing this mouse you will actually want to speed up or decelerate contingent upon your need.

At last this mouse is the best choice for user’s of sketchup it allows them to work fastly and accurately.


  • It has a functional, sleek and simple design, also it is not light in weight.
  • Has 2 programmable keys, one key on each side of the mouse for extra functionality.
  • Mouse has an optical sensor of 6DOF, which is an excellent feature for space navigation.
  • Can be used to do 2D work also.


  • 2 programmable keys are difficult to utilize without any visual cue.
  • Mouse does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

3. 3Dconnexion 700036 SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse

3Dconnexion SpacePilot mouse is another great quality mouse for professional users who have to do sketchup as well as professionals of photoshop.

The SpacePilot mouse does not slip from the user’s hands which makes it an ideal and right choice for sketchup users. They can have complete control over this mouse.

The thing which you most like in this mouse is manufactured with quality material. Also the design of the mouse is very attractive and it is very lightweight and it is very easy to use for the people for sketchup . This mouse also comes with an LCD screen. This SpacePilot mouse is a great choice for the people who use their left hand.


  • Best for the people who utilize their left hand. And also offers a great grip to your hand.
  • Has an excellent performance and you can easily and comfortably work on photoshop.


  • This mouse is costly compared to the other mouse of this brand.

4. 3Dconnexion 700062 Wireless Mouse 3DX

If you like to use the wireless mouse for your sketchup work then this 3Dconnexion 3DX-700062 is best for you. This is a wireless mouse featured with an optimized mobile ergonomic design and a scroll button in the middle of the mouse.

Also it is designed with a smart scroll feature which can automatically switch between click to click zooming and great scrolling. You can easily and comfortably use it for long session work.

3Dconnexion 3DX-700062 is designed with a battery which you can recharged easily. Also it comes with an optical energy saving sensor. You just have to insert a Bluetooth receiver to connect by the USB port of the computer, and your mouse is ready to be used.


  • Built with a quality material and has an ergonomic design.
  • Comfortable to use and has many features like quickzoom, smart scroll and programmable keys of the mouse make it very easy to use.
  • Mouse has an amazing feature of3 connectivity. One is Bluetooth, one is USB cable and one is a dedicated receiver.
  • Comes with a hard case pouch so you can carry it in backpacks.


  • DPI is lower than 700052.

5. 3Dconnexion Space Mouse Enterprise 3DX-700056

This mouse has an ergonomic and sleek design for sketchup and offers many features which can help you in your work.

But the only complaint you can have with the design of this mouse is that the space navigator is designed in the middle of the mouse rather on one side which divides the buttons into two parts. Due to which approaching the buttons at left are maybe little troublesome.

3Dconnexion Space Mouse Enterprise in total has 31 programmable buttons. Out of which 12 are used to change fly functionality depends upon which software you are using. The huge key of the mouse offers significant work over others. Keys are customizable and you can change their functionality according to your sketchup work.

You can use software by the name of 3DxWare 10  for great and precise working performance. Furthermore, this mouse has an excellent feature of an LCD screen, which you can set according to your choice. For example, you can set the shortcuts of software you are using.


  • You will feel comfortable while using it for long sessions because it has an ergonomic and sleek design.
  • Mouse is designed with 31 programmable buttons, 12 of them are highly featured keys which can be used to change function on the mouse fly, and 3 keys are used to change custom views.
  • An amazing feature of LCD screen makes it extraordinary which assures you the prompts and visual help.


  • Space navigator on the middle of the mouse, restricts the access of the key on the left side of the mouse.


Above we have reviewed the top 5 best mouse for sketchup, but reading reviews of some mouses is not enough to buy a best mouse for your sketchup work. You have to have the knowledge of what type or which features are best to buy the best mouse for sketchup.

To ease your difficulty, we are going to share a complete and useful buying guide for your sketchup mouse.

Ergonomic Design:

SketchUp designers have to do work for long sessions, it is difficult to choose a mouse which can be used comfortably for hours and hours without any When choosing ergonomics, it is imperative to remember that eventually every individual will incline toward something different .

Thus, we urge you to attempt or test out a mouse before you get it.In any case, assuming you do not have that freedom, you will need to principally think about the size, finger and the thumb rest, and most importantly the mouse’s weight.

Control Over Mouse

A best mouse should have a precise control to do sketchup smoothly. Mouse can be used for many purposes like editing, browsing and gaming etc. But no matter for what reason you are using your mouse sensitivity and accuracy of the mouse is the most important factor.


Many people are not comfortable using wireless mouse . Buy you do not have to be worried about this there are many wired mouse  available in the market with high quality and precise work assurance.

Although, wireless mouse  are famous for the people who have to travel a lot, for gamers and people who have less space because you can easikh carry them anywhere with you.

Some wireless mouses came with a long battery timing, and some are rechargeable. But at the end whether the mouse is wireless or wired it all depends on your choice which can be best for you.

DPI/ Dots Per Inch

This feature is known as the rate of pixels which instruct the screen pointer movements distance per mouse movement. If you are using a large screen a higher Dpi mouse would be recommended because the Dpi of the mouse depends on the screen size.

Warranty time

Not all the brands offer warranty. It would be best to buy a mouse with at least 1 year warranty. Because we all know no matter how much you spend on buying a mouse or any other electronic device there are many chances of damage. You do not want to spend your money frequently so make sure to buy a mouse which is providing you a warranty.

Better SpaceNavigator for sketchup

We all know if you have to do sketchup working with an ordinary mouse will not just affect working efficiency but also give you an arm strain. If you are a sketchup designer then a mouse with spaces navigation or a mouse with extra programmable shortcuts and keys would be recommended.

Every mouse is different in the implementation of accurate navigation through the 3D space. It could be through a trackball or proprietary navigator etc. So you have to choose according to your work. Though these navigators add in an ordinary mouse but for better working dedicated space navigator would be best.

Shortcuts For Quick Work

Best and most important feature a mouse can offer for sketchup is the extra programmable key. If the mouse is designed with extra programmable keys you can set many shortcuts for your most favourite and used programs in any sketchup software.

At first you will feel difficulty using it but once you get used to it, your working speed and efficiency would be significantly increased.


If the mouse has a keyboard modifier feature it will help you to ease your working and save your time. Lookout for a mouse. And a coloured LCD helps you to show different icons on your screen. Which helps you to present your work in an effective manner.


Mouse is an important part of the computer with which you control and operate your whole computer system.

Making a decision to select the best mouse for sketchup is a tricky task. You have to be very careful for the performance and work out of the mouse. We need a lot of effort and time to do 3D modeling, and if you have the right mouse then you can work perfectly in the 3D designing world.

And when it comes to Sketchup precision is considered the most important and primary objective. Quality material, design, size and programmable key are the main factors you must keep in mind while choosing a best mouse for sketchup.

If the performance of the mouse is poor you cannot have a precise and accurate output of A mouse for Sketchup is a component where individuals save their hands for quite a long time while working. So this thing must be adequate to give appropriate control and precision

We have compiled the list of the top sketchup mouses which can be a great investment and our article will help you a lot in choosing the best mouse for sketchup. Not just that it will make it simple for you to take care of your job appropriately yet additionally you will benefit a lot from the special features of your mouse.

Some mouse  have extra programmable keys which can be used in gaming and in many other applications also. While other mouse  have 3D mechanism features which can be utilized for interacting with objects on screen in a 3D manner.

For example, rotating your any model in different positions. So make it clear to buy the right type of mouse which can be compatible with your sketchup softwares and designing process.

At last, while picking up a best mouse for your sketchup go through the online reviews of the mouse to check out the personal experience of any user.

when you have a new mouse to go with, ensure it is all around arranged to work in a state of harmony with your PC and to other devices. We hope that our article was helpful to you.

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